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People Speak Out

  • Shirin has given me the instruction manual for the transformational tools inherent within all of us.

    — Roddy Tabatabai, Founder, Change For Balance Productions

    Shirin is a genuinely wise, playful, and empathic soul with a gift for teaching. She combines a deep knowledge of her subject, great storytelling, real generosity of spirit, and practical guidance which brings the material down to earth. Her work is highly recommended!

    — Terry Gilmaster Ebinger, MS, spiritual director, coach and educator

    Theta healing is a potent tool for these times of awakening and accelerated manifestation. Shirin teaches it with a passion and clarity that is contagious!

    — Lynda Davis, choreographer/physical therapist

    Shirin was born to be a teacher. She created such a safe and warm environment. My favorite part of class was Shirin and how wonderfully natural and gracious she is in her teachings and love.

    — Audrey Naiman, esthetician

    Shirin is a truly gifted communicator, teacher and Healer. She makes the powerful experience of Theta available to everyone. Her kind and giving nature makes everyone feel welcome and comfortable, no matter what level or background they have. I have much gratitude from what I have learned through her and will continue to study with her again and again.

    — Heather Duplex, Ashtanga Yoga Bali Research Center, Ubud-Bali, Ashtanga Yoga Teacher for 20 years

    I have had the incredible opportunity to experience both receiving the benefits of Theta Healing with Shirin and of taking the Level one, two and refresher classes. The classes have supplied me with invaluable tools for my own personal healing and evolution that I use on a daily basis. This is an elegantly simple and straight forward technique that lends itself perfectly to both self help and to working with others. Shirin is a skilled and delightful instructor. I highly recommend taking part in learning and experiencing Theta Healing.

    — Mimi Miller, L.Ac.

    I have been to many healing workshops, and this was one of the most informative & fun. We came home with a lot of practical and easy healing techniques, as well as the experience of being immersed for 3 days in the beautiful Theta Healing state. I am still noticing the benefits & effect of healing I received weeks later. Shirin is a fabulous teacher. She is organized, clear, and a joy to be with. This workshop was a real gift to myself & I am grateful to have been a part of it.

    — Jackee Earnest, healing therapist

    Shirin is an amazing and generous soul. A Theta Healer who emanates deep compassion, love, intelligence, experience, maturity, and has a great sense of humor. For four years I was suffering Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from witnessing, from a distance of eighty yards, the planes hitting the World Trade Center, the eventual implosion of the buildings, and and all the human misery that happens with such an experience. The horrible nightmares wouldn't stop. I went to see Shirin and she facilitated an extraordinary complete healing of the nightmares (in a short amount of time) as well as removing other traumas that I experienced in my early life.

    Recently I went to Shirin's day long Introduction to Theta Healing class. I learned how to apply Theta techniques to my every day life and well being. Shirin has an inarguably 'ENORMOUS' gift, unparalleled from anything I ever experienced. She has enriched my life beyond my wildest dreams!

    — Denny Morouse, saxophonist/composer

    Shirin was born to teach and makes learning easy and fun. I can finally move to the next level. UNBELIEVABLE!!

    — Nina DeSandro, HHP (holistic health practitioner)

    Shirin, thank you for sharing your gifts. You're a very special person and the class went wonderful and smoothly. I believe you made everyone feel very comfortable. I liked the way you used your words, making it open for the individual to personalize their usage for manifesting. The new moon manifest was beautiful as well. I felt positive energy circulating when we were holding hands, the rain water against my skin, the waves crashing in the background with the trees dancing above us was a shower of magical energy. Awesome spot, thank you.

    — Tomas

    I just recently finished my second advanced class with Shirin. The changes in my life have been so profound it is hard to put into words. The best I can say, is that it's a whole new world. I tell my friends and family, who seem interested in Theta, that the 3 day course is a combination of incredible discovery, genuine company, and the reception of skills that can truly serve you for the rest of your life. On day three I found myself amazed by how fast time had gone by and overwhelmed with gratitude for the tremendous amount of applicable knowledge I had gained. Participating in a full workshop was the retreat like experience I needed to develop myself in this wonderful modality.

    — Jay Wong

    First, thank you, Shirin, again for the opportunity to be with you (and all) during the intro to Theta! What rich, valuable information and experiences you share! Second, I'd like to say that the tight scar tissue from the Staph infection I had at the time of the class, though it wasn't worked on directly, improved majorly, about 90%, back to normal! I experienced healing and a balance of skin, tissue, tendons flexibility - without limited pulling and tightness! I am most grateful! I found Shirin's class to be extremely informative and you to be most clear. For me, it was well balanced with instructions and experience. Shirin is so in tune with her participants — of 'where' they are — and keeping them involved. Also, her warm loving spirit is so inviting, creating a fertile space in which to learn, grow and remember.

    — Annalia, Ph.D., DD

    My appreciation for Shirin's Theta classes comes from the simple truth of her energy guiding my energy home, to myself. Becoming whole is much easier with Shirin's guidance and my gratitude for her work comes from my body, my mind and my spirit.

    — Bettie

    Being in Shirin's Theta class saved my house from catching on fire. Really. My daughter left a halogen spot light lamp on in her room with clothes hanging over it to dry. She forgot the light was on and we left to go on an 11-hour day trip. While we were gone, a friend of mine stopped by and found the clothes, smoldering and burnt to a crisp. She called to tell us that our house had almost caught on fire. I was shocked and amazed that the clothes were the only thing that burnt. I immediately remembered one of the exercises we did in the Advanced DNA classes at Jackie's house was how to teach your house or car to be safe. I did it for both. This is the only reason my house is still standing, because it knows how to be safe! How amazing is that?! I am still overwhelmed by the realization of what could have happened in a matter of minutes. We were gone for 11 hours and I am pretty sure the 'fire' started shortly after we left. Nothing should have been standing that many hours later! I am still amazed at the Power of Theta. I thanked Creator, and Shirin for bringing Theta to our lives, and I also thanked my house for knowing how to be safe! I am actually still in shock each time I think of this. It reinforces the miracle and power of Theta!!!!!!!!!!!!

    — Loretta Kyebasuuta, RN

    Shirin is a very loving and light giving human being. I was fortunate enough to be put in touch with her at one of the darkest points in my life. I was looking at many different ways in which to help me heal the psychic wounds inflicted by the experiences I was going through at the time. I went to her "Beginner's Theta Healing" class and found it to be useful in many ways. I immediately felt some relief from my stress and over the long term I feel it has put me closer in touch with the part of me that needed healing the most and allowed me to heal myself in many ways. I highly recommend her classes to anyone looking to improve their spiritual life or who needs some immediate healing of their mind, body or soul. Thank you Shirin for giving of yourself so that others may feel some relief or learn to teach others to do what you do. We all need help in one way or the other and you offer people different ways in which to be healed or to heal others. This is becoming more and more important as time passes.

    — Mark Barbanell

    My experience with theta has been incredible. Shirin has been a wonderful facilitator and teacher, expressing herself with incredible passion. I had a personal instant healing experience that helped me heal through a very difficult time. I am grateful for Shirin's dedication and love for theta.

    — Marjy B., herbalist, raw food chef, esthetician

    My son Elijah participated in the Rainbow Children's Theta Healing Class with Shirin when he was 5 years old. Each class had a different focus such as crystal healing, working with animals, tuning in to plant energy, vision quest, and sound healing. Shirin and Sierra created such a loving and nurturing environment that the children felt comfortable and safe while learning and sharing. The children's creativity was also encouraged as they were provided with beautiful manuals and crayons that they could color in during the sessions. Elijah is 7 now and I am still amazed when I witness him using the gifts he learned in the class. Whenever he gets hurt or frustrated, or is having difficulty making a decision, I remind him of some of the techniques he learned in Theta Class and he is usually able to recover quickly. A teacher at his school even told me that Elijah was doing healings on the other children in the playground. She told me about a child who had hurt himself on a play structure and was crying for a long time, after a while Elijah came over to him and asked him to close his eyes and take some deep breaths while he put his hand on the child's shoulder with his own eyes closed. The child immediately stopped crying and went back to playing in a few minutes! What a gift! I look forward to bringing my daughter to the Rainbow Children's Theta Healing Class when she is old enough.

    — Lisa Seed, artistic photographer

  • Shirin, you are a wonderful teacher. You were born to teach. I enjoy your classes so much that I have sat in on them over and over and over again - I can never get enough of your classes. I have learned so much from both your beginners and advanced classes. It is a skill that is so valuable, I apply in my life very often and I can't think of a better person to have learned it from than you. Thank you, for this amazing gift you have given us through your teaching.

    — Hoda Parvinchi, professional makeup artist and student of acupuncture

    I love working with Shirin. She's a gifted teacher of Theta healing and a gifted seer. I recently did her 3-day beginner's course and found myself among a group of kind, simpatico people. Everyone opened their hearts and created a safe joyful place to explore ourselves and one another, with permission, always with permission. I love the techniques Shirin teaches. You can use them to do a slow delicious meditation or zip right in when you need a quick answer, manifestation or restoration. I'm an acupuncturist and doctor of oriental medicine, and it is perfect for my work. I can't wait for the next class.

    — Victoria Wright, licensed acupuncturist and doctor of oriental medicine

    I love Shirin's Theta classes! Whenever there is an opportunity to attend one, I am there. Shirin is very professional. I love her choice of words, her style of teaching, her way to connect with the participants.

    — Zena, artist, author, performer

    I have never experienced sooo much in my life. The changes are far beyond any of the changes that I have had from all the years of counseling, self help thru many different books and seminars. You did warn us of change, and it happened. I do love it, the change feels right, it feels good. I can remember when I quit drinking, 23 years ago, that my life changed. Its like I woke up, I looked around myself to see that what I had around me I didn't like. I made immediate changes. I did it again after the Advance Class. I personally, will recommend you and the Theta Healing Classes to anyone who has doubt or questions in their lives, or if they are looking for a direction in life. I feel you are a blessing in my life.

    — Gene LeBoeuf, building contractor

    Practicing Theta has unlocked potential in my life that was dormant. I have gained an outlook toward myself and others that reflects my joyful inner child. I would recommend working with Shirin in any capacity you can and, if possible, take the beginning and advanced courses.

    I'm so thankful I met Shirin and learned Theta at the young age of 22. I will carry it with me the rest of my life. Thank you, Shirin!

    — Clint Nelson, e-Commerce director

    Shirin's classes and her presence enrich my life. I enjoy both at every opportunity. I love "going into Theta" and staying there as much as possible.

    — Pam Stanton, RN, BSN, hospice nurse

    I just finished the course of Advanced Theta Healing with Shirin.

    I haven't even started writing and I already have goosebumps. To tell the truth, I don't even know where to begin, being that I feel so much change occured in such a short period of time. I am still riding the tidal waves of feelings and emotions - it's almost overwhelming. I have to honestly say that this is the first time in my life I have felt and experienced such a powerful connection to the infinite Source of all that is, God, Creator or whatever you would like to call it!! My words cannot begin to bring justice to the beautiful feelings I have in my heart and soul, I have been deeply moved and touched by this simple practice. I feel that I have discovered an immense treasure trove of under utilized wealth of self.

    I feel truly blessed and would like to express my sincere gratitude to Shirin for taking me through such a life changing journey with absolute "Ease and Grace." I would also like to thank the entire group of beautiful people for allowing their souls and selves to radiate pure love and light over the three days we spent together! I now believe that I am equipped with a tool more powerful than the mind can bear, which for me is a positive attribute and allows me to get outside of myself and pursue a path of oneness - unity with all that is. I enjoyed playing with realms of imagination and visualization that I haven't tapped into since I was a child.

    Prior to taking the course I asked myself, "does this practice really work?" Over the weekend Creator answered that question for me and the answer is: Yes, yes, yes, it does... for once I was blinded, now I believe... Thank God, Thank God, Thank God....!!!!!!!

    — Malcolm X Blake Van De Veer

    In June of 2007 I took Shirin's "Beginner's Theta Healing Course" and it changed my life. Before the class I was meditating regularly, setting my intention to DNA recoding and reading as many spiritual books as I could get my hands on. Shirin was able to confirm the name of my main guide, Abigail (she wanted to be called "Dear Abby"). This really blew me away as it gave me the confirmation that even though I felt very alone at times, I knew I was on the right path for me. In June of 2009 I took Shirin's "Theta Refresher Course" and was able to finally feel many things click for me like never before. Since then I am feeling more connected to Source than ever and am so blessed to have been a student of such a sensational teacher. Thank you Shirin!

    — Nina DeSandro, HHP (holistic health practitioner)

    Shirin is the real deal. She is loving and sincere. Shirin does her Theta class in an organized, yet fluid and delightful way. The Theta class gave me the structure to access and utilize my own wisdom and power to make a life that I value.

    — Beverlee H., Ph.D

    I have attended several of Shirin's Theta classes as well as had numerous one-on-one and couples sessions with her. She is a truly gifted woman and her teachings have drastically improved my life on many occasions. Thank you, Shirin!

    — Phil Jones, founder, Pure Kauai, Inc.

    Shirin's Theta Classes have given me the tools I need to help me in all aspects of life. From illness, anxiety, pregnancy, as well as day to day challenges. Her compassion and heartfelt teaching makes her classes one of a kind.

    — Kelli Bowen, founder, Gypsy Rose Belly Dance

    A little introduction — I met Shirin in ThetaHealing training a few years ago and I find her to be an extraordinary practitioner — most gifted. I recently attended Shirin's Beginner's ThetaHealing class - to be in and to add to the energy :-).
    I had a big scar from a recent Staph infection on my inner knee where it bends that was quite tight. Even though It was not worked on with ThetaHealing directly, the tightness was 95% gone by the next morning! ThetaHealing is so powerful! I share this information with you and highly recommend you take this opportunity! See you there! :-)

    — Aloha blessings, A.

    Shirin's assimilation and subsequent delivery of her Theta material is so thorough, inspired, and clear, there's no way to not "get it"...very empowering stuff!

    — Lynda Davis, choreographer/physical therapist

    Meeting and working with Shirin and the Theta Healing Techniques has made all the difference in my life! I resonated with Shirin and brainwave healing from the very first class. I knew immediately that this was something I could do and do well! I can "feel it in my heart" when I do this work, and the inner peace it gives me has made a huge difference in my life. I, like so many others, have had some major financial and some minor yet costly health challenges in the last couple of years and I know that I am "saved — and put back into a state of grace" every time I sit outside and reconnect with myself, Creator and all of the Universe by "doing" Theta.

    I also witnessed the amazing healing transformation that occurred when Theta and other positive imaging techniques were sent to my 23 year old niece who had just discovered that she had Stage 3 (they believed that it was actually Stage 4) melanoma just four weeks after she gave birth to her first child. She was tested extensively and had surgery (where doctors fully expected to see that it had metastasized to lymph nodes). I asked everyone in my classes to work on her (with her permission). We followed it through two surgeries and many rechecks. It had not traveled — the surgeons "got" everything in the surgeries. This month we fully expect to hear that she has reached her 2 year anniversary (which takes her from a 30% original success rate to a 90%). We will gladly pass that wonderful news along!!!!

    Shirin's innate ability to connect and teach from her heart is a wonderful gift. Knowing her, learning from her, and working with her will change your life! She intuitively knows how best to help you to help yourself as she guides you through the educational and feeling modes — finding your own way to best use this process.

    I totally believe that she is a gift herself–accept this Blessing in your life! Gratitude and Namaste.

    — Linda Laborde, RN and jewelry designer

    Shirin creates a wonderful, welcoming, uplifting, comforting, and inspiring space for each class. I needed, and received, the boost that comes from going into theta in a group. I really appreciated the way she set up the space, included a presentation of ideas, and made the workshop both interactive and reflective. I also appreciated her spending time with each individual and "monitoring" us as a group and as individuals. Clearly, this is now all yours, your way of teaching. The glow comes through :)

    — Kathy Lazarus

    When I first heard about Theta healing, I did not know what it was although it seemed wonderful. In the first Rainbow class when we learned about what we would learn to do, it resonated so well with what I have always known about healing and energy work. I loved every single class we did, and it all felt intuitive, like I already knew I could do it. I especially enjoyed learning and exploring the planes of existence. It was an amazing learning-about-healing experience, and I know I will continue to use what I learned throughout my life. I am grateful to Shirin for being such a wonderful teacher!

    — Maka Viernes

    When my child took Shirin's Rainbow class for children a couple of years ago, my son and I took a very intimate, heartfelt, and subtle journey exploring a new world. Entering theta, or being in a space of young children and parents whom Shirin brought into the theta brainwaves, created moments of healing, insight and awakening consciousness for myself and my son. Truthfully, when we signed up for the class, and I had heard most children attending would be aged 5, I believed the class energy would be "too wild" or "too inattentive" to receive this meditative experience. Each time we came, I needed to cast my doubt aside, for it simply was not true. The children embraced the experience. My son and I received very special tools to use in our daily life. I highly recommend this class for young children. Thank you, Shirin, for all you do!

    — Carrie and Kolea

    As an adult, I thought I would simply be assisting Shirin in her Rainbow Teen's Course. Instead, I found myself participating in class and having a ball! The class introduced me to how truly magical our world is. The intuition exercises, the seeing exercises, the learning of planes and crystals, was just amazing. I felt like I was getting the education I had never had as a child or young adult. It opened up a whole new world for me. Also, learning these skills with the beautiful, open and inquisitive teens in my class was awesome! The energy of the group, led by Shirin, was just amazing. I treasure the experience. I highly recommend that everyone, including adults, take this class — it expanded my horizons beyond anything that I could have imagined.

    — Alia Shah, Thetahealing and reiki practitioner